Webpage vs Website – YES there is an INTERESTING difference!


Remember books? Each time you turned a page, you ingested new material from that page. Each page was its own entity.

So a book page is like a webpage: a page that contains information. More directly, a webpage is a single document that can be viewed online.

Web Pages contain images, texts, charts data and what not.

These are also often called just “pages.”


Using the similar book analogy, while a webpage is a page from a book, a website is the book itself.

It is a collection of the pages that share a common thread or in simple words, all webpages of a website come together for a website.

Website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name.

Often called   a “web site” or simply  a “site.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is website, webpage, webserver?

  • A website is a group of multiple pages that are linked together.
  • A web page is single page which shows in browser.   
  • Web server is used for hosting your website internet. Like if you design one website and you have to make it live on the internet so the server is like parking or place on the internet so that people can see it. 

2) How to see all pages of a website?

  • There are different ways to see all pages of the website like through
  • Google Analytics or Google Search console, then
  • screaming frog, and
  • the very important part of SEO i.e sitemap, a site map will show you the map of all pages and subpages.4. Using Google Search operator “Site:” ex. Site: website URL

3) What is a website and how is it related to a web page and homepage?

  • As said in the first question website is a group of pages. So a web page can be one of the pages from the website. And the Home page is the main page which shows as you open the site in the browser. Or you can say it is the default page of the website, introductory page.

4) How to crawl all pages of a website?

  • This is already answered in 2nd question but if you say crawl then you can restrict your website pages through robots.txt. file. That is included in the website server. Typically robots.txt gives permission to crawler which page they can crawl and which they can’t.