WordPress SEO Expert

WordPress is one of the world’s most well-liked content management systems (CMS). 

More than 40% of all online websites run using it.

Yet simply using WordPress to power your website won’t bring in the crowds.

For it to appear high in search results, your website needs to be optimised for search engines.

A WordPress SEO specialist can help with that.

A specialist in search engine optimisation for WordPress websites is known as a WordPress SEO expert.

A WordPress SEO professional can benefit your company in the following ways:

1. Keyword research:

To find the most pertinent and worthwhile terms for your company, a WordPress SEO professional can undertake keyword research.

Finding the keywords that will bring in the most visitors to your website requires studying your industry, competitors, and target demographic.

Source: Freepik

2. On-page optimisation:

SEO entails improving its content and architecture to make your website more search engine friendly.

The On-Page SEO elements for websites are 

  1. user experience, 
  2. mobile friendliness, 
  3. page speed, and 
  4. quality content.

To ensure your website is optimised for search engines, a WordPress SEO professional can modify the meta tags, header tags, text, photos, keyword optimisation, website structure, internal linking, website speed and other parts of your website.

3. Technical Optimization

Improves your website’s technical components—like page speed, mobile friendliness, and website security.

A WordPress SEO specialist can optimise your website’s technical components to ensure it complies with search engine standards and improves user experience.

A website is made search engine-friendly by an SEO specialist using:

  • Conducting keyword research and thoughtfully integrating pertinent keywords into the metadata and content of the website.
  • Ensuring that the HTML tags and website’s structure are search engine-friendly.
  • Enhancing website performance and speed by reducing code and improving image quality.
  • Creating a backlink plan to boost the authority and reputation of the website.
  • Producing excellent content that appeals to readers and supports the website’s objectives.
  • Ensuring a positive user experience and mobile friendliness for the website.
  • Examining website metrics and making judgements based on facts to improve the SEO performance of the website.

Source: Freepik

4. Link building

An expert in WordPress SEO can create a link-building plan that will aid you in obtaining high-quality backlinks from reputable websites. It entails creating trustworthy backlinks to your website

Your website’s authority and search engine rankings will improve as a result.

Impact of link-building on SEO

  1. Authority and Reputation: A website’s authority and reputation can be raised through links from high-quality, reputable websites, enhancing its search engine rating.
  1. Search Engine Ranking: Search engines regard links as a signal of a website’s authority and relevance. Therefore the quantity and quality of links to a website can impact its search engine ranking.
  1. Organic Traffic: People are likely to click on links from trustworthy sources, so high-quality connections can increase organic traffic to a website.
  1. Crawling and Indexing: Links aid in discovering and indexing new pages on a website by search engine crawlers, which can increase a website’s visibility and rating.
  1. Analytics and Reporting

A WordPress SEO specialist can set up analytics programmes like Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor the effectiveness of your website.

They can produce reports that offer details about the traffic, keyword positions, and other information for your website.

By doing so, you’ll be able to monitor the success of your SEO efforts and come to wise judgements.

SEO experts track and measure SEO performance using

  1. Analytics tools, 
  2. Keyword rankings, 
  3. Backlink analysis, 
  4. Site audits, 
  5. Competitor analysis,
  6. Conversion tracking to evaluate the effectiveness of SEO efforts
  7. Make data-driven decisions to optimise website performance.

Most essential metrics to track for an SEO Expert

Some of the most important metrics for an SEO expert to track includes:

  1. Organic search traffic
  2. Keyword rankings
  3. Backlink profile and quality
  4. Click-through rate (CTR)
  5. Conversion rate
  6. Bounce rate
  7. Pages per session
  8. Time on page
  9. Mobile-friendliness
  10. Site speed

List of best SEO plugins for WordPress

Some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress are:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. All in One SEO Pack
  3. Rank Math
  4. SEOPress
  5. The SEO Framework
  6. Jetpack
  7. Broken Link Checker
  8. WP Meta SEO
  9. Smush Image Compression and Optimization
  10. Google XML Sitemaps

Source : Freepik

Up-to-date SEO experts 

A professional in WordPress SEO may keep up-to-date with the most recent SEO trends and best practices by

  • Notable blogs and websites that are leaders in the SEO field, including Moz, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Journal.
  • Attending SEO conferences and webinars to hear from industry leaders about the newest trends and best practices.
  • Joining online forums to participate in debates and learn from peers, such as Reddit or LinkedIn groups.
  • Taking part in continuing education and training activities, such as workshops, certification programmes, or online courses.
  • Keeping abreast of the most recent adjustments and updates to search engine algorithms, like upgrading Google’s Core Web Vitals.
  • To find the SEO tactics that are most effective for a particular website and market, they test and experiment with a variety of approaches.

Salary of a WordPress SEO expert

Depending on criteria including experience, region, and firm size, the average marketing pay of a WordPress SEO professional in India varies.

Yet, according to payscale.com, an SEO specialist in India makes an average yearly salary of between 3 and 7 lakh INR.


In conclusion, employing a WordPress SEO specialist can assist your company in achieving a higher ranking in search engine results, increasing website traffic and thus increasing leads and sales.

A WordPress SEO specialist can assist you in optimising your website for search engines and improving the user experience for your visitors using their knowledge and experience. 

Hence, if you want to improve the SEO of your website, consider employing a WordPress SEO specialist.