How to Integrate Typeform with WordPress in 3 Easy Ways

You may have already come across Typeform if you’re seeking for a strong and user-friendly form builder to develop unique forms for your WordPress website. With the help of the online form builder Typeform, you can make interactive and interesting forms without any prior technological experience or understanding. We’ll discuss Typeform in this blog article and how WordPress and Typeform may be combined to produce forms that are both functional and appealing.

What is Typeform?

A web-based form builder called Typeform provides customers with a distinctive and simple user interface that grabs their attention and motivates them to fill out the form. You may design unique forms with Typeform for a number of uses, including surveys, registrations, and contact forms. Without using any code or other technical knowledge, creating and customising forms is simple with Typeform’s user-friendly interface.

How do I use Typeform with WordPress?

Depending on your requirements and preferences, there are numerous ways to integrate Typeform with WordPress. Here are several possibilities:

  1. Embed Code: Typeform offers an embed code so you can quickly incorporate your forms into your WordPress website. Simply copy the Typeform embed code and paste it in your WordPress post’s or page’s HTML editor. Using CSS and JavaScript, you may alter the look and behaviour of the form using this technique.
  2. Zapier Integration: WordPress and Typeform can be connected through the Zapier integration, which lets you link Typeform to more than 2,000 additional apps. You may use Zapier to automate processes like sending WordPress form submissions, generating new posts or pages from form input, and updating user profiles.
  3. Typeform WordPress Plugin: Typeform provides a free WordPress plugin that makes it simple to add forms to your website. The plugin allows you to build forms, embed them in your website, and edit them to fit the style of the site. Advanced capabilities like conditional logic, payment interfaces, and submission management are also included in the plugin.

Numerical Stats of Users:

Embed a Typeform formOver 100 million people have used Typeform to create over 10 million forms.
Use a Typeform pluginThere are over 100 Typeform plugins available for WordPress, making it easy to integrate Typeforms with your website.
Use ZapierZapier is a popular automation tool that can be used to connect Typeforms with WordPress.

What advantages does integrating Typeform with WordPress offer?

Using Typeform with WordPress has a number of advantages, including:

User-friendly: Typeform has a distinctive, simple interface that draws users in and motivates them to fill out the form. This implies that you can design forms that are distinctive from other conventional forms by making them interactive and interesting.

Advanced Features: A variety of advanced features, like conditional logic, payment connectors, and submission management, are available with Typeform. This implies that you can design intricate forms to suit your particular requirements, such as online order forms, registration forms, or feedback forms.

Seamless Integration: Forms may be easily embedded into your website or automated using Zapier thanks to Typeform’s seamless integration with WordPress. This implies that you can design a smooth user experience for your website’s users without utilising various platforms or solutions.

Data Security: Typeform prioritises data security and provides a number of security features like SSL encryption, GDPR compliance, and HIPAA compliance. This entails that you can gather private data from your visitors without worrying about data breaches or privacy violations, such as financial information or medical records.

Integrating Typeform with WordPress can be beneficial in various cases, including:

  1. Contact Forms: You can use Typeform’s versatile form builder to create customized contact forms with conditional logic, multi-step layouts, and interactive elements. By integrating Typeform with WordPress, you can easily embed these forms on your website to enhance the user experience and gather relevant information from your visitors.
  2. Surveys and Feedback: Typeform offers powerful survey capabilities, allowing you to create engaging and interactive surveys to collect feedback, conduct market research, or gather user opinions. By integrating Typeform with WordPress, you can seamlessly embed these surveys on your website, ensuring a smooth user experience and increasing response rates.
  3. Lead Generation: Typeform’s form builder can be used to create lead generation forms, such as newsletter sign-up forms or lead capture forms. By integrating Typeform with WordPress, you can easily embed these forms on your website and automatically capture leads into your preferred CRM or email marketing tool, streamlining your lead generation process.

By integrating Typeform with WordPress, you can leverage the advanced features and flexibility of Typeform while maintaining the familiarity and ease of use of your WordPress website.


To sum up, Typeform is a potent and straightforward form builder that works well with WordPress to produce dynamic and interactive forms. For enterprises and organisations of all sizes, Typeform offers a versatile and adaptable solution thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities, seamless connection, and data protection. Whether you require a straightforward contact form or a complicated registration form, Typeform can assist you in developing a form that precisely suits your requirements.