3 Easy Ways to Integrate Jotform into Your WordPress Site

If you’re looking to create a special form for your WordPress website, you may have heard of the term “JotForm.” You may create custom forms without any technical knowledge or experience by using the well-known online form builder JotForm. This article will describe what JotForm is and how it integrates with WordPress to create forms that are both functional and visually appealing.

What is JotForm?

A web-based form builder called JotForm allows you to create custom forms for a variety of purposes, such as surveys, registrations, and contact forms. Using JotForm, you can create custom forms from scratch or use pre-made templates that you can then customise to match the style and branding of your website. Designing and customising forms with JotForm’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface is straightforward and doesn’t require any coding or technical expertise.

How do I use WordPress with JotForm?

JotForm can be integrated with WordPress in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and preferences. Here are numerous options:

  1. The free WordPress plugin from JotForm allows you to seamlessly integrate forms into your website. By letting you customise them to fit your website’s design, the plugin makes it simple to add forms to articles, pages, or sidebars. Additionally included in the plugin are sophisticated features like conditional logic, payment interfaces, and submission management.
  2. You may still add JotForm forms to your WordPress website without using the JotForm WordPress plugin by using the form’s embed code. Simply copy the embed code from JotForm and paste it in your WordPress post or page’s HTML editor. You can change the form’s appearance and functionality by combining JavaScript and CSS.
  3. Integration with Zapier: WordPress, along with more than 2,000 other applications, including JotForm, can be connected to the web automation platform Zapier. You may automate actions using Zapier, such as sending WordPress form submissions, creating new posts or pages based on form input, and updating user profiles.

What benefits do using JotForm with WordPress provide?

There are several benefits to using JotForm with WordPress, including:

User-Friendly: JotForm offers a user-friendly interface that makes it possible for folks without technical expertise to quickly and easily construct and customise forms. In other words, you can create forms that look professional and match your website’s style and branding without hiring a developer or designer.

Advanced Capabilities: With JotForm, a range of advanced features are accessible, including conditional logic, payment interfaces, and submission management. This indicates that complex forms, like online order forms, registration forms, or feedback forms, can be created to meet your specific needs.

Smooth Integration: By connecting to WordPress with ease, JotForm makes it simple to add forms to your website or use Zapier to automate procedures. This suggests that you don’t need to use a variety of platforms or solutions to provide a seamless user experience for visitors to your website.

JotForm takes data security very seriously, which is why it offers several security features including SSL encryption, HIPAA compliance, and GDPR compliance. This implies that you can collect sensitive information, like financial data or medical records, from your visitors without fear of data breaches or privacy violations.

Numerical Stats for Jotform:

Number of UsersOver 10 million
Countries AvailabilityOver 170 countries
Form Submissions ProcessedOver 2 billion
Number of Form TemplatesOver 10,000
Integrations with Apps and ServicesOver 1,000


To sum up, JotForm is a powerful and user-friendly form builder that integrates with WordPress to create forms that are effective and appealing. JotForm provides a flexible and adaptable solution for businesses and organisations of all sizes because to its cutting-edge capabilities, easy communication, and data security. Whether you require an easy-to-use contact form or a complex registration form, JotForm can help you create a form that meets your specific needs.